Special Exhibit 2

The (New) Seed

before and after

Average folks (don't blame me if this includes you):
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The Backstory

This is the continuation of our story about pictures that are being reborn on my computer after almost 30 years in dormancy. The common thread with these works is that they were first gestated in the early 70's, when my life and art were in the thrall of elemental fairy folk. The very first "fairy" picture i ever did was a gift for my TM instructor, Cyndi. It showed the emergence day, when the metamorphasized beings pushed out of their chysalis chambers, opened their new untried wings, and took their first faltering flights in the safety of the lofty aerodrome - as shown the new , re-created image, "Aerodrome", below-

I haven't seen the original artwork since i drew it in1974, as Cyndi's and my paths went their separate ways soon after, although i would dearly LOVE to see it again someday
(Cyndi... if you ever read this: HINT! HINT!)
The 3D re-creation (pictured above) of the original ink & waterolor drawing was based on my decades old memories, but as the original was such an important image for me, I am certain of the faithfulness of the recreation. It was the second experiment in recreating old 2D hand-drawn images into 3D computer graphics. "La Mort de Jeanne d'Arc" was the first.

"The Seed", the image at top left, was the second fairy image i did in the 70's, very soon after the first. I couldn't tell you why i was doing these images at first. I just seemed drawn to draw them, those wonderful winged beings. It was as if i was illustrating the lives of a future race of evolved humans. The image in "Aerodrome" is pretty self explanatory, but the same can't be said for the odd scene shown in "The Seed", a fairly enigmatic image. The children who are delivering the seed to the old wise man are being directed elsewhere, off screen. Indeed, the other children seem to be seeing something far off that we can't. I don't know what it means (don't blame me, I'm just the messenger), but i thnk it is a visual allegory for the elusive nature of spiritual truth. But i wouldn't guarantee it.

At any rate, I am mid-stream in some kind of mid-life revisonist cycle relative to my art. I am finding a certain curious satisfaction in seeing how old "analog" images fare in the digital domain. I still have a modest backlog of old 2D artwork that i would love to revisit in 3D CG. Another recently done image, "Material Life", now showing in my gallery, is an updating of a very early surrealist pencil drawing i did during my senior year in high school. I have no idea where the original pencil drawing is these days, if it still exists at all.

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