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Victor Davis, Senior Producer/Director/Writer
Unisys Corporation
Township Line & Union Meeting Roads
Blue Bell, PA 19424

May 9, 1995

10 Presidential Boulevard Suite 115
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

To: Joe Eagle & Eric Leven, et al

Well, you folks have done it again! I've had the pleasure of working with you over the course of many projects, and I've admired your fine work and appreciated your helpfulness. Indeed, I take pleasure in the professional friendships we have formed. This time, you have outdone yourselves. Your efforts on my latest prolect were truly extraordinary. "OPUS: Open Parallel Unisys Server" was an ambitious 3-D animation project with a deadline I thought impossible to meet. You met it, and with images so compelling that during a rehearsal of the presentation prior to a major press conference, the assembled technicians and PR executives spontaneously erupted into applause.

Working with my script and with minimal collaboration, Joe Eagle designed an abstract, dynamic image environment that beautifully conveyed the concepts behind the product. Quite apart from the considerations of rendering the animation in 3-D, the conceptual design was fabulous. Then there was the monumental task of creating more than seven minutes of 3-D animation in the time required -- seven days from approval of storyboards to delivery of the finished (assembled!) animation. Your double-teaming approach to the project -- using one workstation to render frames while another was used to design the sequences -- saved the day. My thanks to Joe and to Eric for their wonderful work, and for their fortitude. And, my apologies for many sleepless nights.

I'm egotistical enough to enjoy the substantial praise I've received for my part in this project, so it is only fair to give credit where it is due to the folks who really made the OPUS program a success
-- you great TRACES people, you.

I look forward to future collaborations and wish you much success with hopefully more reasonable clients.

Victor Davis

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